FTC Safeguards Rule: Risk Assessment Detailed Compliance Overview

FTC Information Security Program

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FTC Safeguards Rule: Compliance Review Documents

    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Training Log
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Employee Training Acknowledgment
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Risk Assessment Checklist
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Risk Assessment Resolutions
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Risk Assessment Exclusions
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Provider Access Authorization Log
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Technology Asset Log
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Security Threat and Monitoring Status Review
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Penetration Testing and Evaluation Schedule
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Incident Response Plan
    • FTC Safeguards Rule: Annual Audit Report
Disclaimer: The solution presented herein is a comprehensive package meticulously designed to adhere to industry best practices and governmental regulations. It draws from over a quarter-century of specialized experience in financial software provision and managed IT services. Our reputation for excellence has been solidified through our continued service to various financial lending institutions, ensuring best practices compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Safeguards Rule. Unite Tech has had the privilege of delivering Managed IT Services to hundreds of lenders and has an extensive portfolio of these clients for over two decades. Our scope extends beyond traditional software providers, offering you an unparalleled depth of IT support, irrespective of your current software ecosystem. Our unique position enables us to conduct rigorous compliance audits on software vendors, ensuring their offerings meet regulatory standards. While we bring a wealth of experience to cybersecurity, particularly in alignment with FTC guidelines, it is imperative to note that this document does not constitute legal advice tailored to specific individual or organizational circumstances. Legal counsel should be sought for advice tailored to your unique operational landscape